Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well this is my very first post. I know absolutely nothing about blogging but I think that it's adorable & figured I'd try it! I'll post DIY projects, things I wear, pictures & what's going on in my pregnancy. So here we go, I already started documenting my pregnancy with pictures every 2 weeks. 
This is the 1st picture I took. It wasn't a very good picture because it was took in a dimly lit hallway. 

Here's my 2nd try at 12 weeks. Still in a hallway & still awful quality. I didn't think it'd be hard to take pictures of yourself & while holding something but I found out really quick, it is.

After a few tries, I decided to hang up the board & face toward a window for better lighting. I thought it turned out much better but I still have to work on it.

16 weeks & things looked better except for the hideous boxes on the side. 

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