Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tatted Up…in a few months



I know, I know…I’m pregnant & I should be focusing all my time & mind on my baby, in which I am but when you’re like I am, you’re a little obsessed with body modifications. I love tattoos like nothing else. Art has always been a passion on mine & creating my own art for my own body is something that makes my heart truly happy.

I’ve been counting the days until I can get another tattoo (approximately 155 days)! So when its days like this, where I didn't have much to do, I looked on Pinterest :). Here are some that I found, that I’d love to have.


SnowflakesI wish I had one like that


Yes, I have a huge variety of what I want, but keep in mind, I’d like to be almost completely covered in them one day. Its not everybody’s cup of tea, but there is several people out there that express who they are, how they feel or something from their past this way. That’s why I love body art so much. Its so versatile & appealing to the eye.

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