Tuesday, August 27, 2013

22 Weeks

I'm aware that I'm a horrible blogger but I'm trying to get better. Hey, after all, I am new to all this. But as usual, my pregnancy update is a little late. More so now because this was last weeks picture. I still wanted to share it tho, I promised myself I would track my pregnancy & I'm trying my best to.

• How far along? 22 weeks
• Baby is the size of an: Ear of corn (8in, 1lb)
• Total weight gain: 20lbs
• Maternity clothes? In full swing. Having to buy more & more all the time.
• Stretch marks? None. Thank The Lord!
• Belly button in or out? Still in.
Baby bump? Oh yes.
Sleep? Still sleeping a lot.
Symptoms: Heartburn, some headaches, frequent urination, itching.
I'm missing: My old body A LOT, & being able to help out with things that need to be done.
 Food cravings/aversions: Craving lemonade & ice cream. Aversions are still almost anything made out of hamburger.
Gender: Still a boy lol.
Names for baby: I haven't settled on any names yet.
Movement: Little boy is a dancer like mommy. He moves a lot but mostly active around midnight.
Baby's development: Little boy has eyebrows, eyelashes & probably hair on his head. He can sense light & dark. He also is touching his face, testing out his new sense of touch!
 Labor signs: None so far.


  1. Never apologize for not blogging...life happens and blogging sometimes takes a back seat (rightfully so :) ) You look amazing...It feels like I was 22 weeks along just yesterday. I love the idea of posing near a board to track the pregnancy. I didn't do that with Cooper (my 1st born) but I will need to remember this if we are ever blessed to have a 2nd :)

    xo - Marion

    1. Thank you. Yes, it's very hard to keep up with it at times with what life throws at you. But if you all end up having another little miracle, you should definitely do this. I would love reading about it & looking at your pictures!