Sunday, November 3, 2013

32 Weeks

Halloween snuck up on me, but it wasn't like I was gonna be able to do much anyway this year. Most people around my area like to celebrate things by drinking. Just to clarify, I don't like drinking much anyway but it would of been nice to go to a costume party & take memorable pictures with friends. But instead, I stayed home, done my chalkboard, took my pictures (which are awful & I'm sorry), & looked at other peoples photos for Halloween thanks to social media lol. Anyway, that's enough ranting, here is my 32 week update.

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  • How far along? 32 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Bok Choy (16.7in, 4lbs)
  • Total weight gain: About 42 lbs.
  • Maternity clothes? Growing out of every piece, so I'm having to buy more.
  • Stretch marks? They're getting bigger :(.
  • Belly button in or out? In
  • Baby bump? Growing buy the minute it seems. I don't know how I can get much bigger but I know I can.
  • Sleep? Very hard to stay asleep through the night.
  • Symptoms: Aching/sore, back pain, fatigue, acid reflux, heartburn, frequent urination, appetite, depression, itchy, dizziness, irritability, joint pain, night sweats, stress, chills, insomnia, & hand swelling/numbness.
  • I'm missing: Drinking my favorite drink, Redbull (craving), & being able to walk around & look places.
  • Food cravings/aversions: Craving my Redbull ^, dirt pudding & chocolate. No aversions right now.
  • Gender: Still a boy.
  • Names for baby: Coming to you at birth.
  • Movement: Less kicking but lots more rolling.
  • Baby's development: Practicing breathing, swallowing & sucking.
  • Labor signs: Braxton hicks come on but not too often.

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